Al Qurtopi pharmacy in Minia

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Al Minya - Al Minya - بجوار مسجد الحبشي


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صيدلية القرطبي بالمنيا
Al Qurtopi pharmacy in Minia
صيدلية تقع بمحافظة المنيا تعمل 24 ساعه خدمة
توفر لكم جميع الادوية والمستلزمات الطبية ومستحضرات التجميل وادوية الاعشاب
وتقدم خدمة الاستشارات الطبية المجانيه
صيدلية القرطبي هي صيدليه بالمنيا مش زي اي صيدلية
الخدمات التي تقدمها صيدلية القرطبي
خدمة التوصيل المنزلي
استشارات مجانية
تقديم النصائح الطبية المحترفة
مراقبة ضغط الدم
فحص سكر الدم والحقن
رعاية الجروح والحروق
الرعاية والعناية بالأم والطفل
برامج التخسيس وبرامج بناء الجسم

As a leading regional provider of quality health and personal care products
and services, we are unwaveringly committed to:

Serve Patients: This is the ultimate bottom line of the profession of pharmacy. Caring for patients, helping them achieve better outcomes, and improving their health and wellbeing is the mainstay of our existence.

Educate: We believe that we have a social responsibility to educate and empower patients o take better care of themselves. By providing expert advice,we educate our customers on many aspects integral to a healthy life.

Invest: We are committed to continuously develop the skills of our teams to ensure they remain our customers’ reliable providers and advisors on health and personal care.

Expand: We continue to invest in growing our network to help more patients, customers and institutions in Egypt and across the region, thereby strengthening our presence and leadership as the go-to resource for all health products and services within our mandate.

Collaborate: We seek to build rewarding and long lasting partnerships with all our stakeholders,from patients, suppliers and medical institutions to government and community organizations. Our success can only be achieved and maintained by collective prosperity.


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